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12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other

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Date Night With Significant Other

Date night! A night you want to spend with your significant other.

When bonding with your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, you get to know each other more and learn new things about yourself. You explore ways to have fun by trying new things and seeing what you like to do.

12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other 1
Couple enjoying a date night

But what if you both want to do something for a date but have no idea what to do?

Luckily for you, I have a solution for you and your significant other.

If you are in the mood to do something creative and fun, I have a list of ideas for you and your boyfriend/girlfriend to have a fantastic date night.

1. Go To An Arcade

Going to an arcade is fun to go for a night out. I don’t know if any of you reading this are gamers, but if you’re not, that’s okay because your date night is supposed to be a fun night out.

When you go to an arcade, you can play games with each other like skee ball, play on a pinball machine, do a racing game by sitting in a chair driving a car on the screen, play a game where your videogame characters do hand-to-hand combat, and many more.

12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other 2

Dave & Buster’s is a popular arcade business and if you have one near you, consider going there for your date night.

Also, if you have a retrocade near you, those are fun to go to as well. If you wonder what a retrocade is, it’s an arcade with arcade games from the 80s and 90s – Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Tetris, The House of the Dead, Street Fighter, etc. You and your significant other can play arcade games and relive your childhood.

My husband and I live in Macon, Georgia, and we have a retrocade in Downtown Macon called Reboot Retrocade and Bar. It’s a beautiful place, and along with having those retro-arcade games, you also have retro videogame consoles like Sega Genesis and Nintendo that you can play on in little corners with chairs and booths.

We also have a modern-day arcade with state-of-the-art games called Rigby’s in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Either way, if it’s a retrocade or a modern-day arcade, you can go and have fun with your significant other for a date night out on the town.

2. Go Bowling

If you want a date night that involves something with a little bit of competition (besides an arcade) mixed with fun times, then I recommend that bowling can be a fun date night out.

12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other 3

Bowling alleys don’t just have bowling.

They also have concessions where you can get something to eat and drink, and some could also have arcade games in the bowling alley.

Either way, bowling is fun and a date night out you both can enjoy.

3. Go to Dinner & a Movie

A classic date night idea: dinner and a movie.

Although, in my personal opinion, I think going to a movie first, and then going out to dinner would be better.

I say this because if you go to a movie first, you can enjoy it with your significant other. And afterward, you can enjoy dinner and be able to carry on conversations about the film – along with any further discussions you wish to have – and enjoy your favorite meal and each other’s company.

If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend love to go to the movies and you’re trying to figure out what to see and where to eat, make it to where one of you chooses the film, and the other chooses the restaurant. And the next time you go on this same type of date, you can do the same on how to choose but vice versa to keep it fair.

4. Go to a Museum

Museums are always a fun place to go. People go to museums to see the preservation and conservation of various works to educate and inform the public.

Examples of these places are science museums, art museums, and even historical museums, intended to provide knowledge and education about the history and meaning of the work on display.

12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other 4

There are numerous museums in my hometown of Macon, GA.

Macon has museums like The Museum of Arts and Sciences, Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, and several more that are considered historical landmarks in the downtown area of Macon.

If you spend your date night with your boyfriend/girlfriend at a museum, you could both find yourselves not only having fun but also learning things that you might not have already known. It’s also a good bonding experience, and you can experience the feel of a particular culture that can get you both out of your comfort zones and enjoy the surroundings you have both inhabited.

5. Go to a Park

Going to a park is also an excellent date night idea.

Preferably, I would recommend going while it’s still daylight but close to dusk. That way, you can enjoy the scenery around you and have fun just walking around and enjoying the views.

Also, date nights can include other things to do, along with going to a park.

For example, parks are known to hold festivals and events. My hometown – Macon, GA – is called The Cherry Blossom Capital of the World. Every year in March, the city of Macon has Cherry Blossom trees everywhere in full bloom.

And what does The Cherry Blossom Festival have to do with going to a park?

Central City Park – which has recently been renamed Carolyn Crayton Park – is the primary location for this annual festival. And the Cherry Blossom Festival is always filled with amusements such as rides, food, concerts, arts and crafts shows, and much more.

Aside from a festival being held at a park and other locations in downtown Macon going to a park for a date night can be joyful and fun.

To those of you reading this post who are not from Macon, if your hometown has a park, consider going there for a date night with your boyfriend/girlfriend because parks can hold fun and exciting events. So what better way to get creative with a date night than a festive event at your local park?

6. Go See a Game or a Race

Does anyone out there like to go and watch a game?

If so, then going to a game can be something you and your significant other can do for a date night.

Games are fun to watch. Races are fun to watch too.

I’ve been to a few supercross races, and they are fun to watch.

Other types of games that are fun to watch are hockey, football, baseball, you name it. Going to a game or a race is an excellent date night idea because you both are watching a competition, and being at an event like that is always better than viewing it on your TV.

And while you’re at this game, you could also have dinner at them too by getting something from the concession stands like a hotdog or nachos to share.

Either way, going to see a game or going to a race of some sort will be anything but dull. They are excited to see up close, and if you want your date night to have fun and excitement, I suggest going to see a game or a race.

7. Go to a Show or a Concert

If you want something to watch that’s not a movie or a game, how about a show or a concert?

12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other 7
Great White Lion Snake. A local band in Central Georgia

Going to a concert is fun to do for a date night out. If there’s a local band that plays at a particular location in your hometown, you can quickly go to hear music from a local native. Or, if you don’t live far from a major city with a famous band or musician playing in that local area while on tour, that’s also an option.

Other shows to consider seeing are comedy shows. You and your significant other can spend your date night laughing at some hilarious jokes during an open mic night.

Another type of show you and your significant other can see is a theatre show. Watching a play at a local theatre is also a way to branch out and get creative with your date night. If you have a theatre in your hometown that does theatrical productions, see one.

I have seen a few theatrical productions at The Grand Opera House in my hometown. Also, to all Georgia natives, Atlanta has a place I love to go to called The Shakespeare Tavern. It’s a theatre and a tavern where people can go and watch a William Shakespeare production and eat dinner at a table at the same time. This is just an example, but the point I’m trying to make is that watching a theatre production with people acting on a stage can be very entertaining and a unique way you and your significant other can enjoy your date night.

Suppose it’s a concert you want to see of a local band or a famous musician you have listened to since you were a kid, a comedy show, an open mic night, or even a theatrical production of some sort. In that case, you definitely will be entertained and have fun for sure.

8. Do Something Outdoors

Date nights for you and your significant other can be spent by doing something outdoors.

I know I already mentioned some things you can do outdoors like going to a park or going to a game, but there are other things you can do outdoors as well.

For instance, you can go somewhere to have a bonfire, like a lake, or even someone’s backyard. Having a bonfire is something worthwhile to have fun. You can roast marshmallows, play music, and carry on conversations with the intent to enjoy one another’s company and have a great time.

12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other 8
This looks like a great bonfire to roast marshmallows.

Another thing to do outdoors is to have a cookout or a barbeque on the grill. You can also play cornhole and have fun outside with your surroundings.

Doing something outdoors gives you and your significant other options to do something creative, and you’re not limited to things that you can only do indoors. So, doing something in the open air is an idea to spend a fantastic date night with your significant other.

9. Stay in with Dinner and a Movie

At number 3, I mentioned going to dinner and a movie, but here at number 9, I suggest staying in by having dinner and watching a movie.

I say this because you can have a date night in the comfort of your own home. You can be more comfortable watching a movie on your couch than sitting in a custom chair at the movie theatre.

12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other 9

You can also have a home-cooked meal, possibly with a baked dessert. Or if you want to grab takeout instead, that’s also an option. You can order pizza or get some or Chinese food, and for dessert, you can stock up on something from the grocery store like your favorite ice cream, chips and dip, your favorite cookies, anything you like to munch on while watching a movie, and after eating your dinner.

As for a movie to watch, if any of you have movie channels, a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime, or a collection of DVDs, those can be great options as to what you want to watch. Another option you can try if you’re watching a movie is renting a movie. You can do that on Amazon, or if you can make a pit-stop at your local Redbox after getting some takeout, that’s also a great idea too.

Either way, if it’s a home-cooked meal or takeout with a movie you already have or rented, it’s a great way to have a wonderful evening with your significant other.

10. Have a Game Night

Game nights are always fun too. A date night playing games is an excellent way to do something creative and exciting. These games can be anything like playing Uno, poker, shooting pool, beer pong (only if you’re 21 and over and do it very responsibly), or even competing on a 2-player videogame.

For example, my husband, Cody, and I love to compete in Mortal Kombat. We love playing that game. We have also competed against each other by playing Mario Kart, but we did that at Reboot – a local retrocade and bar in downtown Macon, GA – when they had a gaming contest. And we also shoot pool at his house from time to time.

To stay on the subject, having a game night gives you and your significant other the chance to loosen up and have fun and enjoy the moment. Game nights are fun, so why not incorporate them into your date night plans?

12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other 10

11. Chill with Friends

If you want there to be more than just the two of you on your date night, you can always have some of your friends join in.

Chilling and hanging out with your friends is a great date night idea because you could be meeting some people you have not met before. And, if you have met them, all of you can do something together.

12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other 11

You and your significant other can have dinner with friends at one’s house, have a barbeque, or throw a party. Anything you can think of that would be something you and your significant other can do with your friends is something you can try as a date night with some company. You could also do things on this list with your significant other and friends.

12. Double/Group Date

I know this is something similar to what I have posted at number 11, but I figured that by adding this anyway, you could also see it as more suggestions and ideas you can come up with for your date night.

If you and your significant other want to have your date night spent on a double/group date, that is a beautiful way to have a fun evening on your date. If you go on a double/group date, you can do things together and have fun with other people.

12 Best Date Night Ideas with Your Significant Other 12

For instance, while on the date, the guys can do something while the ladies can do something that the guys wouldn’t want to do. It also gives a chance to influence the couple you are double dating with and vice versa. If one of you is meeting the other couple for the first time, you can get to know that couple as well as them getting to know you.

Doing a double/group date for a date night idea also gives each couple a chance to not only know you and your significant other as a couple but as individuals as well.

So if you want to do a double/group date for a date night, you all can do some fun things together, especially the ones mentioned in this post.

In Conclusion

Here you have it—the 12 best date night ideas to have with your significant other. I hope you and your significant other have some wonderful date nights ahead of you, and if you have some ideas that I did not mention in this list, please feel free to share your suggestions as well.

Have fun!

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    1. Miranda, you are so welcome. Hopefully, this pandemic will go away soon enough to where everyone can go out with their significant other without restrictions. And I also hope that you and your significant other have a Happy Valentine’s Day as well

    1. Dinner and a movie is always my go-to idea as well when my fiance and I have date nights. Bowling is something we both love to do, but we haven’t done that in a while because of the pandemic. However, there are times we will have dinner and a game. A game could be anything like playing Mortal Kombat on the XBOX1 or playing chess. Bowling is fun and when you go bowling, you can also get dinner at a bowling alley, and there are some that serve concessions. Either way, it is fun and I recommend bowling for sure

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